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Interest Sessions

Students attending ExceedU will have their choice of sessions from the options below:

  1. Are you #UNMInvolved Yet?: Start your freshman year in the know and join us in the Student Union Building for an interactive tour-style presentation about campus activities. We'll start with free movie theater popcorn and take you to the active parts of the SUB, stopping to learn about clubs and organizations, ASUNM Student Government, the campus movie theater, Fraternities and Sororities, Louie's Lounge Games Room, Uni Nights, and much more! You'll meet UNM student leaders and staff from many of the areas who are here to help you make a connection to campus, have fun, and gain those essential skills outside of the classroom!
  2. First to Finish: The transition into college can be difficult for anyone, but when you are the first person in your family to go to college, it can be a struggle to maintain balance and find your way. In this session, we will explore the college transition through the eyes of the first-generation college student, including how to explain the expectations to family, how to ask for help, and how to make the most of the resources available to you. In addition, you’ll meet other first-generation college students who will be sharing in this journey along with you.
  3. Healthy Relationships and Relaxation: talk about what a healthy relationship means. Each student will get an affirmation that they will read out loud to the group.  You will  write down a personal affirmation for themselves that demonstrates self-love that they will take. I will also provide information to the students about counseling services.  Relaxation helps in stressful situations.  All participants will learn about on-campus resource and will take part in one relaxation technique lesson. I will provide information about affordable yoga studios around town and useful relaxation links. 
  4. Scholar’s Orientation for Excellence: This Means You: This session is provided by the Center for Academic Excellence & Leadership Development (CAELD). The Center gets undergraduate students ready for prestigious scholarships (Rhode, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Truman, Fulbright scholarships, etc.) from their freshman year. The CAELD also prepares high achieving students for next step after graduating from UNM providing resources to enhance the academic, personal, and professional development such as research opportunity, leadership development, internships, honors programs, honors societies, etc. This session will inform various programs and services you should take advantage of during your years at UNM.
  5. Advising: It’s More Than Registration: Learn how to stay on top of your studies with the help of your academic advisors.  This computer-based interactive session will cover how to: 1) effectively connect with your advisor and faculty using LoboAchieve, 2) address any academic flags that might be raised, and 3) develop questions to ask your advisor during your advising session to make it more productive for your specific needs. 
  6. Inside Out (North Campus Tours):  Upperclassmen majoring in the health sciences utilize cutting edge facilities that are conducive to their health science education.  Take a tour of the shared simulation labs, Anatomy Lab and Learning Center (without cadavers), and the Health Science Center campus.  Your Academic Advisor will walk you to North Campus.  This session goes until 5 pm.
  7. CAMP Cohort Session: Members of CAMP will meet with their cohort to learn about the opportunities and experiences they will learn about over the year.  Required for CAMP members.  
  8. Campus Resources: There’s No Us Without You:
    1. Accessibility Resource Center (MVH 2021): Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) facilitates accommodations for self-identified students with disabilities, such as extended test time, note taking assistance, alternative textbook formats, signed language interpreters, and adaptive equipment.  We’ll have departmental giveaways and cookies available during those times.
    2. College Enrichment Program (MVH 3011): The College Enrichment Program (CEP) is responsible for providing leadership in the development, implementation and coordination of student support services and activities which are designed to assist CEP students' academic achievement and their personal, cultural and social development.  Stop by for snacks and a tour!
    3. El Centro De La Raza (MVH 1148): El Centro provides tools for self-determination, personal responsibility and resiliency of Raza students at UNM. Come stop by and visit the student support, community involvement, and academic support services available for you! (Friday ONLY)
    4. Women’s Resource Center (MVH 1160): WRC is a place of advocacy, support, and safety for all members of the greater University and New Mexico community.  Stop by for pre-semester treats!
    5. African American Student Services (MVH 1130): African American Student Services program at UNM provides culturally relevant programs designed to assist primarily African American students in making a confident transition and successful adjustment to the University if New Mexico.  Stop by!
    6. American Indian Student Services (MVH 1119): American Indian Student Services provides cultural and academic programming for American Indian students attending the University of New Mexico in an effort to ensure their academic achievement and assist in the development of personal, cultural, and social success.  Stop by to visit our facility and learn how to connect!
    7. LGBTQ Resource Center(608 Buena Vista (corner of Roma and Buena Vista), Bldg. 20A): The LGBTQ Resource Center provides services such as free printing, computer access, study space, free coffee, snacks, testing and counseling for all students, as well as numerous social and networking opportunities. 
    8. Veterans Resource Center (SUB Suite 2002):UNM VRC is a centralized resource department, easily accessible and widely available to all veterans; active duty, reserve guard, separated, retired and their dependents who would like to explore the possibility of attending UNM and/or any other State of New Mexico Accredited Higher Educational Institute.  Come get your questions answered about how to make VA benefits work for you!