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Values & Objectives

ExceedU is two days of freshman Welcome Days designed to open the doors of UNM to first-year students and help you prepare for the academic expectations of college. 


Find out what you need to know to be academically successful:

  • College level writing,
  • College level research,
  • Math refreshers,
  • How your courses translate to the work place,
  • Scholar opportunities,
  • How to study in college,
  • Test taking strategies, and more.


ExceedU will…

  • every student can succeed at UNM, and is capable of meeting high academic standards with support to succeed.
  • students should be given space and time to understand their role and purpose at UNM and learn about the investment and responsibility they must contribute to their own education and the UNM community.
  • learning is students’ first job at UNM.
  • NSO is about all of UNM, and we will work towards the full involvement of all campus partners.



ExceedU will…

  • introduce students to the skills they need to be successful at UNM, and the resources to develop those skills.
  • present opportunities for students to develop self-advocacy towards their college education.
  • help students realize that pursuit of a college education is an investment that will require practical adjustments and personal sacrifice. 
  • support & guide students in their transition to the university, delivering information at appropriate intervals and using various methods of delivery.