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What is ExceedU?

ExceedU is designed to help you have everything you need to start your UNM experience on the right paw.  To succeed at UNM, you will need to understand that college is more than simply going to class.  You need to know:

  • the tips and tools help you do well in classes,
  • programs and services available to teach you how to budget, get a job, protect your health and wellness, and develop relationships.  

Some of the activities are designed to jumpstart your academic experience, and the others are completely centered around just having fun and meeting new people.

We hope to answer every question you have and even address something you had not thought of.  Over 30 departments on campus have come together to give you the inside information on how to succeed your first year at UNM. There are plenty of activities to keep you engaged from morning to night through faculty members, upper division students, and staff on campus.  There are events available every night from Thursday to Sunday to get you ready for classes Monday morning!  

Join us August 18th!  Register here!